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Referral Program

At Platinum Plumbing Solutions, if you refer a friend to us for plumbing services in Sydney, we are ready to give you an opportunity that can’t be missed!

We will give 10% of the value of the job you referred, paid in cash, and up to the max of $299! That’s right, up to the amount of $299 just for spreading the word about Platinum Plumbing Solutions.

It’s Easy

Just get a friend or neighbour to quote your invoice reference number at the top of the page or your full name and address, and we’ll pay you directly in cash. We are a leading plumbing company for a reason, and part of it is our care for all customers.

Plumbing Emergency?
* Blocked Drains
* No Hot Water
* Gas Leaks or Smells
* Burst Pipes
* Overflowing Drains

For all plumbing emergencies
CALL 9191 7309