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Hot Water

You take for granted Hot water, and when you don’t have it you realise how inconvenient and disruptive it is to your life or organisation.

Platinum Plumbing Solutions is in the business of restoring piping hot water back to you before the inconveniences start.

Is your hot water system playing up?

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Platinum Plumbing Solutions has the expertise and ability to quickly repair, replace and service all types of hot water systems.

Gas, electric, heat pump or solar, all makes and models, you'll never be left in the cold.

We'll have any hot water heater emergency under control in no time. Platinum Plumbing Solutions also maintains and installs commercial hot water heaters and boiler units and can provide flexible solutions for your commercial hot water heating requirements.

Not Sure what system to install? call Platinum Plumbing Solutions and our hot water specialist will arrange a site meeting at your home to guide you into the best and most efficient system. Call Now to speak with our Hot water specialist 9191 7309.

We're your hot water heater specialists

Use the Suns energy to heat your water!!!Totally Free!!!! The most Green & environmentally friendly system available.

Gas, Heat Pump, Solar, Electric

Any type, any make, any model.?Platinum Plumbing Solutions can service repair, install and replace.

We provide a selection of hot water services

  • Emergency repairs and replacement
  • Solar hot water
  • Gas hot water
  • Electric hot water
  • Heat pumps
  • Commercial hot water installations and repairs
  • Thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) installation, servicing and repairs

Hot Water

Hot Water

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